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I Charleston Amsterdam

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> I Charleston Amsterdam

> Calendars (open to all organisers)

Swing Kalender Netherlands (Facebook profile) (Facebook group)

> Community

Amstelhop (Facebook group)
Lindy Hop Amsterdam (Facebook group)

> Major international events

Ceuvel Swing Camp
Lindy Swop - Amsterdam Lindy Exchange (Facebook page)
Shuffle Amsterdam - Balboa weekend (Facebook page)
Smokey Feet (Facebook page)

> Schools (some have their own calendar)

Lindy Spirit (Facebook group)
SwingStreet (Facebook group)

> Some city guides we like

"If you want to know the new and trendy hotspots in Amsterdam, follow Anne around her hometown in the East of Amsterdam. On her blog, you will find all the things she loves; traveling, fashion, interior design and good food. Enjoy and create you own little black book!"
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