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> I Charleston Paris

> Calendars (open to all organisers)

> Community

Balboa in Paris (Facebook group)
Blues Dance Paris (Facebook group)
Collegiate Shag Paris (Facebook group)
Je danse à Paris (Facebook group)
Lindy Hop Paris (Facebook group)
Lindy Hop Paris - Dancing Outside (Facebook group)
Lucky Lindy Paris (Facebook group)
- Spirit of Lindy (Facebook group)

> Major international events

- Backdoor To Blues (Facebook group)
Lindylicious - Swing Dance Festival in Paris (Facebook page)
Paris Blues Exchange (Facebook group)
Paris Flying Festival (Facebook group, Facebook page)
- Paris Jazz Roots Dance Festival (Facebook page)

> Schools (some have their own calendar)

- Brotherswing (Facebook groupFacebook page)
- Comalamaison (Facebook page)
- Jazzy Feet (Facebook page)
- La Belle Blues (Facebook page)
- Les Chatons Swingueurs (Facebook groupFacebook page)
- Les Fous du Swing
- Méduse Céleste (Facebook page)
- Paris-Swing (Facebook page)
- Shake It Good
- Shake That Swing (Facebook group, Facebook page)
- Social Swing Système (Facebook group, Facebook page)
- SwingCorner (Facebook groupFacebook page)
- Swing Connection (Facebook page)
- Swing Delight (Facebook groupFacebook page)
- Swing Is The Thing (Facebook page)
- Swing Makers (Facebook groupFacebook page)
- Temple du Swing (Facebook page)

> Some city guides we like

"The City of Light shines like a beacon for art, cuisine, and stylish esteem.
Known for: romance, philosophy, culinary esteem, iconic fashion, iconic attitude, rich history, fine art, The Louvre, Notre Dame, Champs-Elysées, brooding perfection.
Locals love: spending hours at a cafe, the Seine, wine and cheese, picnics on the canal, talking about the latest exhibition, complaining about Parisians.
Locals complain about: Parisians, people who say “Panam,” pigeons, expensive drinks, expensive cab rides, everything being closed on Sunday, overzealous tourists."
More on Paris Travel Guide by Airbnb Neighborhoods

"Paris, the city of lovers… in every possible sense! Lovers of art, lovers of style and of course, lovers of good food. Beyond the glamor of the Champs-Élysées, beyond the glitter of the Eiffel Tower and beyond the crowds backed up around the block from Notre Dame, there is a whole new world of creative quirkiness lurking in the shadows. Who better to guide you through Paris than the emerging stylist, designer and consultant, Josia.N?"
More on Paris City Guide by EASTPAK

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