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I Charleston Roma

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> I Charleston Roma

> Calendars (open to all organisers)

Swing Fever (Facebook page)

> Community

Blues Dance Roma (Facebook group)
- Blues & Swing Rome (Facebook group)
Roman Lindy Hoppers (Facebook group)

> Major international events

Roma Balboa & Shag Exchange (Facebook page)
Roma Balboa Weekend (Facebook page)
- Roma Lindy Exchange (Facebook page)
Savoy Spring Jump

> Schools (some have their own calendar)

Feel That Swing (Facebook group, Facebook page)
Savoy Swing Italy (Facebook page)
Spirit Of St. Louis Roma Lindy Hop (Facebook groupFacebook page)
Swinghaus (Facebook page)
Swing Cats (Facebook group, Facebook page)
Swing Dream Factory (Facebook groupFacebook page)
- Swing'o'Roma (Facebook group, Facebook page)
Swing & Soda (Facebook group, Facebook page)

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"Legendary history collides with teeming energy in Italy's monumental capital.
Known for: Ancient ruins, The Colosseum, The Renaissance, Vatican City, The Pope, piazza sitting, people watching, pizza by the ounce, Vespas, soccer, brio.
Locals love: Hidden alleyways, talking you into things, riding motos, people watching in piazzas, long Sunday lunches, eating outdoors, sipping espresso, soccer, bucatini.
Locals complain about: Sciopero (workers on strike), traffic, the temperature in August, plodding bureaucracy."
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"Rome may not have been built in a day, but one day is more than enough time to fall in love with its beauty and splendour. Immerse yourself in the world's best-know architectural marvels while soaking up the atmosphere at some of its lesser-known retreats. The young and energetic fashionista Martina Mercedes Corradetti will show you how!"
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