Ready to learn Lindy Hop and more?

Ready to learn how to swing dance (Lindy Hop...), in couple or solo (beginners)?

On jazz like it's 1927, when Lindbergh hopped the Atlantic? In Brussels or around?
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We'll be happy to welcome you in one of our group class or private lessons.
We'll also be happy to entertain any event with a demonstration or initiation.

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Joy you'll soon want to share...

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Belgian dancers you'll soon going to meet...

De Gentse Hoppers (Facebook)
Lindy Hop Belgium
Radio Modern, the house of swing

Swing it Brussels! (Facebook)
The Antwerp Lindy Hoppers (Facebook)
Spiegeltent in Brussels (July 2014)

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Legends who will soon inspire you...

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Dances you'll soon want to learn, all of them...

Lindy Hop

Jazz Roots solo


Collegiate Shag


Blues solo

Boogie Woogie

He / He

She / She

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International events you'll soon want to attend, in Belgium...

Ardent Swing Festival (Liège, BE)

BRUX - Brussels Exchange

Crazy Swing Camp (Brussels, BE)

Gentse Hoppers Exchange

... or abroad...

Herräng Dance Camp (Herräng, SE)

Rock That Swing, Munich

Swing'n'Swim (Armenistis Camping, Sárti, GR)


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And if you still have some time, watch this documentary...

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Of course there are other great schools in Brussels...

Apollo Swing
Brussels Swing Dance Club (BSDC)
Easy Swing

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Photo: Groovy Banana / Dancers: Sarah Wastiaux & Quinten Kray