Happy New Year 2017!

Mikaela and Nicolas

We wish you all a wonderful year 2017!
Let's listen to the jazz come out, and let the music go 'round and around!!

By the way, we might have found the calendar tool we've been looking for...
Here is a sneak preview with dummy content, enjoy and stay in touch for the release to come!

Calendar sneak preview

"Oh, The Places You'll Go!"... and dance...

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500 Likes on Facebook. Thank you!

Herräng, Gaga and Ben

Five hundred Likes on our Facebook page, thank you all!

Let's gather the other half to hit a thousand soon...
5 6 7 8 Spread the word!!

"Oh, The Places You'll Go!"... and dance...

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Travel every week

Herräng, Josephine Baker tattoo

SwingOut.today is an invitation to travel and dance for fun.

So every week, we will share with you some inspiring videos and useful links to present either nice cities to visit and dance around, or great international upcoming events to attend.

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