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> I Charleston Brussels

> Calendars (open to all organisers)

- Swing it Brussels!

> Community

Brussels Blues (Facebook group)
- Lindy Hop Belgium (Facebook group)
- Swing it Brussels! (Facebook group)

> Major international events

BRUX - Brussels Exchange (Facebook page)
Crazy Swing Camp (Facebook page)

> Schools (some have their own calendar)

Apollo Swing (Facebook page)
Brussels Swing Dance Club (Facebook page)
Easy Swing (Facebook page)

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"Brussels is the capital of Europe, but we didn't know that when we started to build it. You'll encounter a strange mix of skyscrapers and small curving streets, where everybody gets lost, including the Belgians who are not from Brussels. Brussels provides everything that you expect from a real city: busy traffic, an underground art scene, eccentric old ladies, expensive cocktails, and lots of adventure if you're willing. Stay far away from the 'waffle squares' and you'll discover one of the greatest cities in Europe."
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