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> I Charleston London

> Calendars (open to all organisers)

Swing Out London (clubs, social dancing AND all schools' classes, PLUS a map... an amazing job you can support with a donationFacebook page)

> Community

Balboa in London (Facebook group)
London Blues Dance Addicts (Facebook group)
Shag Dancers of London (Facebook group)
Swing Dancers of London (Facebook group)

> Major international events

- European Blues Invasion (Facebook page)
European Swing Dance Championships (Facebook page)
London Balboa Exchange (Facebook page)
- London Jump (Facebook page)
London Swing Festival (Facebook page)

> Schools (some have their own calendar)

Battersea Swing Dance Class and Social
- Greenwich Dance (Facebook page)
- JazzMAD (Facebook page)
- LSE Swing Dance Society (Facebook page)
- Markus Rosendal (Facebook profile)
- Moonshine Alley (facebook page)
- Nikki Santilli (Facebook page)
- Opus One Swing Dance Club (Facebook page)
- The London Swing Cats (Facebook groupFacebook page)
Ronnie Slide's South London Lindy Hop Class (Facebook page)
- Ron and Christine (Facebook page)
- Shag Pile (Facebook page)
- Sugar Push Vintage Dance (Facebook page)
- Swingdance UK (Facebook groupFacebook page)
- Swingland (Facebook page)
- Swing Out & Shimmy (Facebook page)
- Swing Patrol (Facebook page)
- The Hot-Cha Swing Dance Company (Facebook page)
- The Lindy Circle (Facebook page)
- The Uptown Swing Dance Company (Facebook page)
- Vintage Arts Asylum (Facebook page)

> Some city guides we like

"London rewards urban adventurers with its rich history, theatricality, and cultural diversity.
Known for: pub culture, tea culture, the royal family, Big Ben, Shakespeare, wry humor, theatre, fashion and finance, fish and chips, Tate Modern, the Tube.
Locals love: bank holidays, free museums, the footy, street markets, smart sarcasm, Sunday roasts, real ale pubs, pop-ups, curry, tea and cake, the NHS, minding the gap.
Locals complain about: the weather, high rents, rising tube fares, queues, commute times, slow walkers, the NHS, politicians and bankers, people who stand on the left"
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"Ah, London! Who can ignore the buzz of your lively streets, the lure of your glamorous nightlife, or the centuries of history that bursts out of every pub, palace, mansion and cathedral? This city of art, fashion and design is sure to leave a lasting impression on you. Which is why celebrity stylist and image consultant, Ayishat Akanbi is the perfect person to guide you around her hometown."
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